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Security Solutions for the Legal Cannabis Industry

Security Solutions For The Legal Cannabis Industry

Security Solutions For The Legal Cannabis Industry


Protect Your Investment

helping you obtain and keep your cannabis business licenses by managing & Eliminating risks


There Are Costly Risks Associated With Your Industry

Losing your licenses or getting fined for security or safety violations shouldn't be one of them. We'll get you compliant and can keep you compliant as your business grows because we understand the maze of regulatory requirements involved with your type of business.


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Security solutions designed around how you do business

Let Us Worry About Safety & Security For You

Finding and selecting the right security systems and security vendors can be tedious and confusing. Ever changing government regulations and codes regarding safety and security can be daunting and ambiguous.  Our advisors have the knowledge & experience to help you make the right decisions for your organization.

Designing & Engineering Secure Facilities Is What We Do

We collaborate closely with key stakeholders to design solutions built around how you do business. We work hand-in-hand with architects, engineers, general contractors and vendors to make sure your best interests are met. We are your security advocates.

Architects & Builders Get Professionally Designed, Engineered & Permitted Security & Fire / Life Safety Drawings

We develop budgets, specifications, Scope of Work and RFP documents. We can assist in bid review, vendor selection, and installation project management.

Security & Safety Training For Your Staff

It is essential that your staff and security personnel receive adequate training. Understanding how the electronic security & life safety systems, policies & procedures work to protect your business, their lives, and their jobs is an important element of risk management.  Our experienced trainers provide custom training that matches your specific business needs.


Get A Deeper Understanding Of Your Supply Chain

Don't let hidden vulnerabilities adversely affect your profits. We examine your vendor’s business practices and security to identify potential risks that could impact availability of product, increase cost of business or damage your company's branding. We provide recommendations to build resiliency and businesses continuity.


We Help Your Business Resiliency

  • Supply Chain Protection
  • Protecting your marijuana business license- Regulatory Compliance
  • Loss Prevention through physical security and product tracking
  • Protecting your business, staff & customers from assault, abuse, robbery, theft, burglary, fire and identity theft or cyber threats.
  • Protecting your profits from the insider threat (employee theft)
  • Private security vendor selection, training, procedures and post orders, Key Performance Indicators
  • Security, Fire & Life Safety Design & Engineering
  • Existing Security Systems evaluation & Penetration Testing
  • Protection from liability by addressing - Duty of Care, Use of Force, OTJ Injuries, Liability Insurance coverage review, safety & security training
  • Branding & Intellectual Property Rights Protection  
  • Protection against diversion, tampering, contamination
  • Secure storage & transportation of product and currency
  • Asset tracking
  • Secure cash handling solutions
  • Security & Safety training for staff and security contractors
  • Executive Protection

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