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How to Get Your Marijuana Business License (And Keep It)

Hey, let’s start a legal marijuana business! As the saying goes – EASIER SAID THAN DONE.  If you are in the business, or currently applying for a license, you know this well. License applications are complicated and confusing. Code requirements, are constantly changing.  Wording is ambiguous. What the heck is a 4 CIF camera resolution?  In Florida, Dispensary licenses are 2600 pages long...

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Duty of Care for the Legal Cannabis Industry - What it is, and Why You Need to Care

420 Security Advisors recommend that business owners in the legal cannabis industry seek safety and security awareness training to meet Duty-of-Care obligations to their employees. For the legal cannabis industry, everyone involved can be vulnerable to safety and security risks. More so than most other businesses, because you have something the bad guys want – drugs AND money...

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Choosing the Right Security Systems for Your Legal Cannabis Business

Like banks, jewelry and liquor stores, cultivators and retailers/dispensaries deal in a high-value product and a cash-heavy business that is very appealing to thieves. As part of an emerging industry, growers, producers, labs, extractors, dispensaries and retailers are all still learning when it comes to preventing and dealing with criminal activity...

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