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Security and Safety Consulting for your Cannabis Business


Ensuring That Your Cannabis Business Is Compliant Now And Into The Future


Surveys & Risk Assessments

Identifying threats and vulnerabilities specific to your business is an important first step in developing a comprehensive security plan. A comprehensive security and safety plan is imperative for obtaining and maintaining your licenses to do business.  Surveys and assessments are the critical first step in ensuring business continuity and resilience to risks. 

For new enterprises, our consultants review and analyze your business's potential exposure to risk and then develop solutions to remove or mitigate those risks, reducing the impact to your operations..  

For existing businesses,  As your business matures, your risks and vulnerabilities change over time.  Regulations and laws change.  Threats to your industry evolve. Operations and facilities layout change. New and more efficient technology or processes are developed.  As your work forces evolves, your security policies and procedures need to evolve as well.

Supply Chain -  Vulnerabilities in your supply chain and product providers could adversely affect your business. Loss, damage or contamination of product can severely impact supply and revenue flow. Operations may need to be cut back or temporarily suspended. New suppliers may need to be sourced. Investigations and audits will likely be triggered.  Vendors and suppliers that you depend on should be evaluated for risks, and mitigation measure developed.


Security/Fire Systems Design

We design & engineer secure facilities - access control, surveillance, fire/life safety and alarm systems designed with scalability to keep up with your companies growth, and ever changing government codes and regulations.

  • Designs that meet or exceed regulatory requirements.
  • Solutions designed around how you do business.
  • Solutions developed around how your staff, visitors and vendors will interact with the safety and security technology.
  • Solutions designed around known threats.

Electronic access controls and other security systems can give you a false sense of security if not design correctly.  Additionally, all security problems cannot be solved with technology.  Your security, safety and fire systems design needs to also consider the human factor.  If your staff and vendors don't understand how something works, they won't use it. If they find it to be an inconvenience or annoyance, they will find a work around.  Not following policy or finding workarounds create gaps in your security, creating hidden vulnerabilities.


Plans & Policy Development

We assist you with security & safety plans, procedures and policy development. We help you select and manage Security Guard companies, Systems Integrators and other security vendors. The level of service will then be monitored through development and agreement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including metrics and periodic testing & auditing. 

Hazardous Materials require written and tested plans and procedures for handling, storage and disposal.  We can help in developing written plans, procedures, MSDS manuals, safety training and specialized monitoring, as well as detection & suppression equipment designed for explosive, corrosive or breathing hazard environments.



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