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Specialized Training For Staff & Security Service Providers


Teaching Cannabis Business Employees and Contractors - Situational Awareness, Surveillance Detection / Counter Surveillance, Management Of Aggressive Behavior - M.O.A.B., Information Security / Cyber Security, Workplace Violence / Active Shooter, and Emergency Medicine


Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness (being aware of one's surroundings & identifying potential threats & dangerous situations) is very important, not just for personal security but as a fundamental building block in collective security. It is important to note that situational awareness is more of a mindset than a hard skill. Because of this, it can be taught to & exercised by anyone. It serves to identify criminal behavior & other dangerous situations before they occur so you can take protective measures.

Management Of Aggressive Behavior - M.O.A.B.

MOAB provides innovative, comprehensive & effective non-lethal force training programs for managing aggressive behavior. The program also provides humane & compassionate less-than-lethal methods of dealing with aggressive people. MOAB presents principles, techniques, & skills for recognizing, reducing, & managing violent and aggressive behavior. Extremely valuable skills for management and front line staff (budtenders & security staff) at dispensaries & retail facilities.



Workplace Violence / Active Shooter

Prevent workplace violence and survive active shooter situations

  • Disgruntled or suicidal (current or former) employees

  • Abusive/possessive x-spouse or love interests

  • Stalkers

  • Armed takeover/robbery

  • Mentally disturbed or suicidal/homicidal persons

  • Retaliation

Counter Surveillance / Surveillance Detection

Attacks on delivery transport vehicles, facilities, managers or employees are becoming more frequent. These are typically not random events, and require preplanning and surveillance on the part of the criminal(s). We teach you simple and effective techniques you can use to avoid and detect surveillance before it escalates into violence.



Cyber Security / Information Security

Identity theft, Malware and Ransomware are a reality with severe implications. Social engineering, and hacking can have crippling effects to any organization. Annual employee InfoSec training is a requirement for Payment Card Industry compliance (PCI) and Protected Health Information (PHI) for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

Security Systems & Procedures Training

Staff and security personnel need to understand how the electronic security & life safety systems work to protect your business, their lives, and their jobs. Security administrators and guards need to know how to add/delete users to access control, pull reports, review recorded video, interpret and respond to alarms, perform tests, etc. Our trainers provide custom training that matches your specific systems and procedures.


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*Ask about Custom Training in other safety & security related subjects. Training can be performed on / off site.